Movies news 2013: „The Tribute of Panem 2 – Catching Fire“ and „Justice League“

First Look at Philip Seymour Hoffman in „The Tribute of Panem 2 – Catching Fire“

The four stars Jennifer Lawrence, Sam Claflin, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth will delight their fans in the highly anticipated sequel „The Tribute of Panem 2 – Catching Fire“. imageA little we have to be patient until Catniss Everdeen, played by Oscar-nominated Jennifer Lawrence („Silver Linings“), on the side of Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), swinging back her bow and in against the overwhelming Capitol Panem universe rebels. Society they receive it from familiar faces like Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson. To us shorten the wait a bit; there are after the first pictures of Lawrence and newcomer Sam Claflin now another batch of first impressions.

„Justice League“ from Ridley Scott

Warner is serious about the meeting of heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash in „Justice League“ and everything is now focused on the search for a director. This one has now been well is a rejection of Ridley Scott.

The rumours traded for a heroic role „Drive“ star Ryan Gosling makes a commitment openly opposed. Once this has been revealed, the proposed composition of the hero panels, there are now new information. imageSun Warner has reportedly contacted Ridley Scott, but the „Prometheus“ director told the studio rejected that. Previously, the names of Christopher Nolan, „Harry Potter“ director David Yates, Ben Affleck („Argo“) and Zack Snyder, the coming of the Superman adventure, „Man of Steel“ directed, acted. Everyone should have been cancelled.

At Warner there was now a list of five candidates who are eligible. Supposedly, everyone was already contacted and will submit their idea for the film. Over the next three months, we would then make a decision and start filming already in late 2013. Although rumours have not been confirmed, it can be assumed that Henry Cavill again after „Man of Steel“ takes on the Superman costume. Always acted again and Ryan Gosling is the role of the Flash. The character is described as the superstar of the group of heroes, who basks in the media attention and is loved by the people.

Movies news 2013: „Jurassic Park 4″ and „Guardians of the Galaxy“

Universal Announces Launch Date for „Jurassic Park 4″

That „Jurassic Park 4″ is coming is already known for some time, but it was an exact launch date yet. Now Universal has finally unveiled the launch of „Jurassic Park 4″: From the 13th June 2014, dinosaurs will again make the American cinema uncertain. Friends beware of prehistoric Entertainment: „Jurassic Park 4″ finally has a launch date.

imageAs the production studio Universal now announced is „Jurassic Park 4″ on 13 June 2014 to start in the American cinema, is a German start date it has not yet, however. In addition, is now definitely fixed that the latest offshoot of the Dino-spectacle will be shot in 3D and even Steven Spielberg, director of his character in the first two „Jurassic Park“-part, will at least be involved in the project as a producer.

Therefore, the date is already known, but until now, none of the actors or directors is not confirmed for the project. It is only known that the writers of the hit films „Planet of the Apes“, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, were commissioned in June 2012 in order to write a new script for the film. If the start date is on 13 June 2014, it is necessary to be found in the director soon to start filming. „Jurassic Park“ fans can look but in any case, before the 5th September 2013 in the thick Calendar Mark, then that Steven Spielberg’s classic „Jurassic Park“ that starts again in a brand new 3D garment in German cinemas.

„Guardians of the Galaxy“: Shooting will start this summer 2013

imageThis summer 2013, the team will go to director James Gunn to England in the UK Shepperton Studios. There, the shooting will commence on the Sci-Fi Actioner ‘Guardians of the Galaxy „from a screenplay author’s newcomer Chris McCoy and Nicole Periman. Directed by James Gunn („Super“, „Slither“), the intergalactic superheroes go before the cameras, and we hopefully for a thrilling sci-fi spectacle. The protagonists in the screenplay by Chris McCoy and Nicole Periman include Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, the giant tree man Groot, the diehard Rocket Raccoon Racoon and Gamora, the last of its kind.

Ideal candidate for the role of Star-Lord have included Joseph Gordon-Levitt („The Dark Knight Rises“), Jim Sturgess („Cloud Atlas“), John Krasinski („The Office“) and Zachary Levi („Thor: The Dark World“).

Movies news 2013: Christoph Waltz again is nominated for Oscar

In Los Angeles, the Oscar nominations were announced. Spielberg’s Civil War saga „Lincoln“ tops the list. Christoph Waltz is also nominated again – as best male supporting actor. The Civil War drama „Lincoln“ by director Steven Spielberg tops the list of Oscar nominations with nominations in twelve categories. Among other things, the strip was nominated on Thursday for Best Picture and Best Director.

imageThe German co-production „Love“ by Austrian director Michael Haneke and the films „Argo“, „Beasts of the Southern Wild“, „Django Unchained,“ „Les Miserables,“ „Life of Pi: Life of Pi“, “ Silver Linings Playbook “ and “ Zero Dark Thirty“ were given a nomination for Best Picture.In the category of Best Documentary itself, the North German Radio (NDR) hopes for an Oscar for the German-Israeli co-production „First Kill – The Israeli intelligence“ make („The Gatekeepers“).

In the category of Best Foreign Language Film is next to „love“, the German co-production nominated „The Queen and the physician.“ Austrian actor Christoph Waltz won for his performance in „Django Unchained“ was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. The best Actor was Daniel Day-Lewis for his portrayal of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Bradley Cooper for his role as the mentally ill in „Silver Linings Playbook“, Hugh Jackman as Victor Hugo’s tragic hero Jean Valjean in „Les Miserables“, Joaquin Phoenix As a veteran in „The Master“ and Denzel Washington as a pilot in „Flight“ category.

Daniel Day-LewisNominations as Best Actress Jessica Chastain received for her role as a CIA agent in „Zero Dark Thirty“, Jennifer Lawrence as a young widow in „Silver Linings Playbook“, Emmanuelle Riva as a terminally ill woman in „love“, Quvenzhane Wallis in „Beasts of the Southern Wild „and Naomi Watts in“ The Impossible. „Nominations as Best Actress Jessica Chastain received for her role as a CIA agent in „Zero Dark Thirty“, Jennifer Lawrence as a young widow in „Silver Linings Playbook“, Emmanuelle Riva as a terminally ill woman in „love“, Quvenzhane Wallis in „Beasts of the Southern Wild „and Naomi Watts in“ The Impossible. “
The Oscars are on the 24th February in Dolby Theatre awarded in Los Angeles.

The nominations in the major divisions:

imageBest Picture:

- „Argo“ – „Django Unchained“ – „Life of Pi“ – „Lincoln“ – „Zero Dark Thirty“ – „Les Miserables“ – „Silver Linings“ – „love“ – „Beasts of the Southern Wild“

Best Director

- Michael Haneke („love“) – Ang Lee („Life of Pi“) – Steven Spielberg („Lincoln“) – David O. Russell („Silver Linings“) – Benh Zeitlin („Beasts of the Southern Wild“)

Best Actor:

- Daniel Day-Lewis („Lincoln“) – Joaquin Phoenix („The Master“) – Denzel Washington („Flight“) – Bradley Cooper („Silver Linings“) – Hugh Jackman („Les Miserables“)

Best Actress:

- Jessica Chastain („Zero Dark Thirty“) – Naomi Watts („The Impossible“) – Jennifer Lawrence („Silver Linings“) – Emmanuelle Riva („love“) – Quvenzhane Wallis („Beasts of the Southern Wild“)

Best Supporting Actor:

image- Robert De Niro („Silver Linings“) – Alan Arkin („Argo“) – Philip Seymour Hoffman („The Master“) – Tommy Lee Jones („Lincoln“) – Christoph Waltz („Django Unchained“)

Best Supporting Actress:

- Sally Field („Lincoln“) – Anne Hathaway („Les Miserables“) – Helen Hunt („The Sessions – Touching words“) – Amy Adams („The Master“) – Jacki Weaver („Silver Linings“)

Foreign Language Film:

- „Love“ (Austria) – „The Queen and the physician“ (Denmark) – „Kon-Tiki“ (Norway) – „War Witch“ (Canada) – „No.“ (Chile)